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Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions of sale of automotive goods

by means of remote communication


Article 1. (Contract of sale)  The SELLER, GK Trading Grzegorz Korcz ul. Witosa 7/2, 33-300 Nowy Sącz, additional place of business and service address – ul. Orleańska 16,30-390 Kraków,  tel. 537-051-444,  e-mail:  sklep@gktrading.pl, registered in CEIDG under No. …., agrees to transfer to the BUYER (natural person, legal person, organisational unit, consumer) the ownership title to automotive products included in the catalogue and release the goods to the Buyer within 7 days from the date of order placement, and the Buyer agrees to collect the goods and pay the price to the Seller.

Article 2. (Invitation to treat) The online catalogue of goods with pictures and specification of price, announcements, advertisements, price lists and other information addressed to the public or to individual persons do not constitute an offer but an invitation to treat.

Article 3. 1. (Price and payment) The Buyer shall pay the price in PLN, indicated in the catalogue in gross amount.

  1. Payment of the price for goods shall be made in advance by way of a bank transfer to the Buyer’s [translator’s note: probable mistake in the source text; from the context it appears that it should read: “the Seller’s”] bank account or on a COD basis.

Article 4. 1. (Release of goods) Sold goods shall be released through a mail service provider, courier service provider or personally to the Buyer.

  1. Goods sent by the Seller to the place of destination indicated by the Buyer shall be deemed released upon entrustment of goods to a professional carrier.
  2. Upon release of goods, danger of accidental loss of or damage to goods shall pass to the Buyer.

Article 5. (Contract conclusion) The contract of sale shall be concluded when the Seller sends to the Buyer an electronic confirmation of acceptance of the Buyer’s offer.

Article 6.1. (Costs of packaging and shipment) The cost of packaging of goods shall be borne by the Seller and the cost of shipment shall be borne by the Buyer.

  1. The cost of shipment shall be as follows: courier – PLN 20, courier COD – PLN 25, economic mail parcel – PLN 15, priority mail parcel – PLN 18, ordinary letter – PLN 8, priority letter – PLN 11. The cost of non-standard shipment, e.g. on pallet, shall be agreed upon with the Seller.

Article 7. 1. (Complaints) In the event that non-conformity of goods with the contract is detected within two years from the date of release of goods, a consumer may demand free repair or replacement, unless it is impossible or too costly, if he or she notifies the Seller of such non-conformity within two months from the date of detection.

  1. Complaints shall be sent by mail to the following address: ul. Orleańska 16, 30 – 390 Kraków, or by e-mail to the following address: sklep@gktradnig.pl.
  2. If repair or replacement is impossible, too costly, highly inconvenient to a consumer or is not done by the Seller within an appropriate period of time, a consumer may demand an appropriate reduction of the price or rescind the contract; the contract may not be rescinded if non-conformity of goods with the contract is immaterial.

Article 8. 1. (Rescission by consumer) A consumer may rescind the contract without specifying a reason within 14 days from release of goods, by way of giving the following notice: „I do hereby rescind the contract of sale of ………. (goods) concluded on …..”.

2. In the event of rescission of the contract, a consumer shall return unaltered goods immediately, but not longer than within 14 days, (to the following address: ul. Orleańska 16, 30 – 390 Kraków), unless an alteration was necessary as part of ordinary management of goods, and the Seller shall return the price.

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